libspectrum - emulator support library

What is it?

libspectrum is a library designed to make the input and output of some ZX Spectrum emulator files slightly easier. It is intended to be usable on Unix variants, Win32 and Mac OS X. Currently, it is mainly (only?) used by Fuse, but other Spectrum emulator and utility authors are encouraged to use it.

Which formats does it support?

There are also some useful utility routines to do things like identify Spectrum files, or give the timings for various machines. For more details, see the supplied documentation.


libspectrum is licensed under the GNU General Public License, version 2 or later. Please read this before downloading libspectrum if you're not already familiar with it.



Packages are available for some Unix distributions; in general, any problems which are specific to the packages should be sent to the package maintainer.


If you're interested in working on libspectrum, subscribe to the fuse-emulator-devel mailing list and/or see the project page on SourceForge. If you just want news of new versions, you probably want the (low volume) fuse-emulator-announce list instead.

Finally, the latest development version should always be available as the 'master' branch from the git repository on SourceForge. Don't expect any support for this, or even that it can be compiled... Logo Burn all GIFs! Valid XHTML 1.0!
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